We have, as a result of several years of R&D work, developed a completely new solution for machine boards used in the concrete industry. The R&D work has been made taking customer requirements and existing challenges and standards into consideration. As a result, we have been able to produce a machine board that has an extremely durable surface, whose qualities can be adjusted according to the customer´s needs. Our product is also environmentally friendly and very competitive in price.

Coated Old board


RI Eco PALLET is manufactured from the customer´s own, used, plywood machine boards. These boards could not be used any more to produce competitive concrete products without renewal. Usually at this point the customer´s machine boards are literally worn out, but with our new method we can save a great portion of the machine board frames for re-use.
The process starts at the customer´s work shop where we monitor the existing situation, ie. the number of machine boards, their need for renewal or replacement, customer´s needs and time frame etc.
When the agreed machine boards arrive at our factory we make a preliminary assessment of which machine boards are not suitable for renewal. Their number is normally quite small. Those fit for renewal will be dried in an oven, where the moisture disappears evenly from both the inside and surface of the boards. After the drying phase the surface will be ground to remove any uneven points resulting from the use of the board. Finally the product will be remoulded with a specific mixture suitable for the customer´s purposes and after calibration the lot is ready to be sent back to the customer for re-use.

Eco Pallet


RI ProPALLET is made of high quality birch new plywood which is treated with a specific RI-surface coating depending on the customer´s requirements. The outcome is a product which meets and even exceeds the requirements of the trade and has a long life cycle. Both economical and environmental issues are taken into consideration without compromising the quality.
Quite often our customers wish their old machine boards to be retreated and -coated, resulting in a small amount of waste from non-renewable old machine boards. To cover the number of non-renewable boards we offer RI ProPALLET as a replacement. Both RI Eco PALLET and RI Pro PALLET have exactly the same qualities. The simultaneous use of these products makes it possible for the customer to continue full production without any interruptions.

Pro Pallet


It is very important for us to give our customers a method of sustainable development that reaches far out in the future. We offer our customers the necessary calculations for the investment starting from the initial costs and ending in the overall benefits in the long run

Benefits: - improved cash-flow
- preservation of the high quality of products
- long lasting savings in machine board purchases
- improvement in production efficiency / shortening of cycle time
- sustainable solution for the environment / smaller carbon footprint

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